Book Chapters

Papoutsi A., Sidiropoulou K. and Poirazi P.
Memory Beyond Synaptic Plasticity: The Role of Intrinsic Neuronal Excitability.
MEMORY MECHANISMS IN HEALTH AND DISEASE by World Scientific Publishing Co. pg. 53-80, (2012)

Tags: Plasticity

Kastellakis G. and Poirazi P.
Cellular and dendritic memory allocation
The Computing Dendrite, Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience, Ed. Torben-Nielsen, B. Remme, M., Cuntz, H., Volume 11, 2014, pp 415-432 (2013)

A. Oulas, N. Karathanasis, A. Louloupi, G. A. Pavlopoulos, P. Poirazi, K. Kalantidis, I. Iliopoulos
Prediction of miRNA Targets
RNA Bioinformatics Methods in Molecular Biology by Springer New York, Volume 1269, 2015, pp 207-229

Tags: Bioinformatics